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Awakened Keynote Marketing works with small, local business owners who are looking for a partner to help them with their brand, message, website and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

We help clients:

  • Connect with their ideal client or customers
  • Extent your brand reach into local market through internet marketing
  • Save budget and advertising dollars by building relationships & customer loyalty through SMM
  • Create a one of a kind website that gets results for your business
  • Use the latest copy writing and marketing techniques
  • By offering support in regards to your marketing goals
  • Creating more leads which will increase your sales and grow your team
  • Helping you look professional
  • Re-brand or establish your branding

Ideas can feel like a pile of rocks to small business owners.  You can spend all your time throwing them around or piling them up!  We suggest you get into action with someone who takes the time to understand your business, can help guide you and make suggestions that will help your business get results quickly and we promise to be fair to your budget.

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feeling buried by ideas

Ideas can feel like pile of rocks to a business owner!